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Sonic Heroes Puzzle is puzzle game. Goal: Stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character/power block. Earn bonus points for scoring combos/clearing multiple blocks. Try for a high score. Game play: There are six different blocks--three types associated with their corresponding power block: Orange/Brown brick, associated with Knuckles. Chaos emeralds (any color), associated with Tails. Gold Ring, associated with Sonic. Use the up arrow key to reorder the blocks as they fall. Use the right and left arrow keys to move the blocks right to left. Use the down arrow key to accelerate the rate in which the blocks drop. As you score more points, you will rise in level (up to 5), making the blocks fall faster. You will also fill up power meters for each of the characters. When the meter is filled up, you activate a power move that assists in your game play. Sonics power-up will slow down blocks for 15 seconds. Tails’ power-up will stop the timer for 15 seconds. Knuckles’ power-up will destroy all of a certain type of block (whichever there is more of).
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