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Take a Tama-Bal, a small yellow smiley does not need to rest. 5 performances are to move from Tama-Bal in true heroic fighter: the Force, Dexterity, Vitality, and Magic Experience. Take care of a Tama-Bal, practice and then made the move by winning battles in Tama-Bal, an adventure game available on the free flash game website Click on the actions in Agenda at the top of the screen to address the health and well-being of your Tama-Bal. When your Tama-Bal is ready, get started in fighting against robots. A complete game and very fun graphics with a very clean and geometric. The big plus: the game is entirely in French! A découvrir!Click Fighting Robot at the top of the screen to face opponents in battle saber laser pistol or magic. Click on Training activities at the top of the screen to train your Tama-Bal combat with sword, pistol and magic.
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