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Monsters is what could be more reassuring and relaxing then a passive bowl of cereal? This is the thought that looms in your head as you pour your new Monsters brand cereal into your bowl. However, things go drastically astray. Suddenly you find yourself face to face with a mob of mutinous cereal marshmallow pieces, which rapidly enlarge to a dangerous size. WHAT TO DO! The object of the game is to rid each level of all of its monsters without losing all of your health. The monsters will predictably chase you where-ever you go. To send them to another realm, guide them into the goop it. It’s harmless to you, but not to the monsters. To keep your life points, don’t let the monsters come into physical contact with you. If you do, you’ll lose one of your life points, which are shown in the top-left corner of the screen. After you clear out the monsters, enter the door to complete the level. The easiest monster in the game. You can run in circles around them. Faster than the first monster, these ones present more of a challenge. There’s no outrunning this monster. Use strategy to rid yourself of it. This monster moves at a medium speed, and has the ability to walk right through walls. Watch out for this guy! With the speedy fireballs that he shoots out of his mouth, he can injure you by hitting you with one, though he doesn’t hurt you by touching you. This is you, your average main character. You move across the screen with the arrow keys. You can earn four types of items in this game. They are activated by these keys: "A、S、D、F" To open a locked gate, stand next to it after you have acquired its key and press enter. -Goo-dropper. When activated, creates one goop it where you’re standing.(activated with ’a’ key)-Gives you a 15-second speed-boost when activated(with ’s’ key).-This power-up creates a shield around you, protecting you from monsters for 15-seconds.(’d’ key)-Allows you to walk through walls for 15-seconds.(’f’ key)-Keys are used to unlock locked gates of the same color(stand next to gate and press ’enter’ to use)-Twirling heart-pieces give you an extra life-point. Warps-when entered warps will transport one to somewhere else on the screen, only you can use red warps.-These warps will transport either you or a monster-Monsters are the only ones able to go through green warps .Gates-Locked gates open when you use the right color key with them.-Normal gates open when you eliminate certain # of monsters.
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