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Eskimo Game is a miscellaneous game on .In this game, you should fly to Greenland. But before you can fly, you must learn to read the map of Greenland. The map consists of simple cubes. You must try to decode the map on three levels. Before you start a level, you get a tip and an example how to decode the map. In Greenland live many polar bears. To protect yourself you must recognize where they are. The polar bears always sit in pairs around ice holes. There are ice holes too, where no polar bears without ice holes. Where polar bears are, there are also ice holes. Find out the number of polar bears and ice holes and type it into the white fields on the top left. Click on ‘OK” to submit your numbers. If a number is right, there appears a green dot left beside the number. Before you roll the dices you see an example. Good luck and have fun!
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