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The Classroom is a skill game on .Game play is very simple and hopefully. You will get the hang of it quickly. You are Alex; a boy just doesn’t like study, so you cheat at tests. The blue circle is you, the yellow circle is a good student who is your friend, you will cheat from him. The red circle is your teacher who is your enemy, avoid their field of vision and don’t go near them. The green circle are ordinary students, you can ignored. You cheat by moving your character close to your friend and holding the left mouse button. The “cheat bar’s on the right will start to fill. You win the level by filling the whole cheat bar and then returning to your place. But of course, if you are normally sitting on your chair as all other students, everything will be alright. When you walk around the class, avoid the green beam of light ,which is the field of the teacher’s vision. After every failed level, you get a password, which is used if you want to play a specific level again or if you want to continue playing later. Good luck!
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