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WSU Warrior is an adventure game which is available on in which your mission is to get power ups. A group of robotic ninjas from space have crash-landed near campus. Calling themselves the Paranormal Paratroopers, they are from a planet that never spent any resources to research alternative power sources, and they are looking for something to fuel their ship. Seeing the university’s glowing statues, they start to take them apart while nobody is looking, in an effort to understand what makes them shine. Warrior is the only one who has seen the Paranormal Paratroopers doing their mayhem, and tries to put the statues back together before anybody notices. Use arrow keys to move around, avoid the Para if you are not powered-up. Eat dots and get the power ups, while powered-up, you can knock out the Para. When powered up, a bar will appear on the right of the screen. This bar will shorten in time. When the bar is depleted, the power up will end. Manage time carefully! Good luck!
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