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Xgolf is a sport Games. Objective: Have the golfer sink the putt for each green in the fewest number of shots. Aiming, Power, and Putting: Use the mouse to direct the golfer where to putt the golf ball. An arrow will follow the mouse as you move it around on the green, helping you align your shot. The length of the arrow determines how hard the golfer will putt. Reduce the length of the arrow by moving the mouse closer to the golf ball. Once the shot is aligned and the strength set, single click the mouse to make the golfer putt. Obstacles: Each green has one or more obstacles on it to make sinking the putt more difficult. The list of obstacles is described below:-Sand: traps cause the ball to slow down very quickly and are hard to get out of.-Ice: lowers the green’s surface friction and allows the ball to travel further with less power.-Bridges: allow the ball to travel over surfaces with much less friction and can also help avoid other obstacles. To get on a bridge the ball must enter the bridge at either end point. The bridge will turn transparent if the ball hits it but the ball isn’t already on the bridge.-Black Holes: Will attract the ball when the ball gets close enough. If the ball passes too closely to the black hole, the ball will disappear and reappear elsewhere on the green. If the ball has enough velocity, It’s path may only be warped by the black hole without actually getting drawn into it.-Cones: will push the ball away from the center of the cone.-Pits: will attract the ball into the bottom of the pit. Once the ball is at the bottom of a pit, it is significantly harder to hit the ball than on the green.-Pegs and Interior Walls will deflect the ball accordingly. Tips and Tricks-Use black holes to war the ball’ sash in order to allow.
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