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Battle Grid is a Miscellaneous Games. The object of the game is to kill all of your opponent’s pieces, or if Protect Your Base is checked, you can win by either destroying your opponent’s base or all of their pieces. Click on the piece you wish to move and arrows will appear. Click the arrows in the direction(s) you wish to go. Each piece can be moved as many spaces as its Movement Points will allow and can change directions in a single move. You cannot move over your own pieces or buildings. Attack the enemy by moving onto the same space as an enemy piece. Pay attention to the Hit Points and Attack Points of both your piece an the piece you are attacking. There’s a lot of luck involved in these battles, so just because your stats may be superior doesn’t guarantee a victory. Once you have moved your pieces the maximum number of times, set by Moves Per Turn in the options panel, then you fire your missiles. Again, click on the piece you wish to fire a missile and arrows will appear. Check the Missile Range of the piece to make sure you can reach your target, and click the appropriate arrow. Do not to fire on your own people. Once you have fired all your missiles, it becomes the other player’s turn. If at any point you run out of moves to make or if you checked One Move Turn and wish to fire missiles instead of moving, you can always click on the big "Next" button at the bottom of the screen. The text in the lower-left of the screen will tell you what mode your pieces are in.
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