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Dynasty Street! Do you know what does the word ‘dynasty’ stand for? From the word spelling we can clearly find out that if you want to set up a dynasty, you should do things nasty. So that is what the Dynasty Street intends to tell us, in the action game, available on, for totally free. In this game, there provides 3 modes for you to play, adventure, survival and tournament. In adventure mode you should battle your way through the streets to collect new weapons and power-ups on the way as you try and rid the underground of the opposing reds. It is important that you visit the dojo before you attempt any of the missions. In the survival mode, see how long you can hold out in the survival arena as a new opponent is added every 2 seconds plenty of power ups to help you out. Tournament is going to test your nerves as you fight your way through different areas with increasingly more opponents. Clear one area to move onto the next where you will find the same number of opposing as before with one extra.
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