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Terrain is an adventure game on Your starship brought you out of hyper sleep early when it detected an uncharted planet in the solar system. That date you had with Angela back on earth will have to wait. It’s your sworn duty as an officer of the galactic union to explore any system which has not been recorded in the union archives. Your ship will transport you to the surface. Your ship’s on-board A.I. computer, which you playfully nicknamed, Mr. Ship, will monitor your progress and transport useful items to you as you make your way through this first chapter of your journey. Click on the white directional arrows in order to move yourself through the terrain. Use your mouse to uncover hidden “Hot Spots “area that is available. Doing so can save your life. Don’t embarrass the galactic union. Explore everywhere! Communication with the galactic command will be unavailable. Finish your data as soon as possible. If you get stuck, you’re on your own. Have fun!
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