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The Box is a skill game on in which you have to play as the small box(blue by default).The aim of the game is to avoid the red box at all costs! Use the arrow keys to move. You can’t escape from the screen, so try to stay out of tight places. As you run, the red box will get bigger and bigger, to the point that there will be no escaping it! You can slow down its growth by picking up the shrinking item, which makes it smaller. Or, you can pick up a speed boost, which makes you move faster. Every so often, you will gain speed, even if you don’t get that, because your box gets used to all the running. You can pick up items that transport the enemy out of the screen, but he will never stop chasing you. This will only buy you some time. It effectively only served as a time limit, and the box isn’t about time limits but endurance, and staying alive for as long as you can hold out for. Stay well away from the mines. They’re now set off by default. Good luck!
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