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Sam is a fisherman; fishing voyage to the deep ocean to spike all kinds of common fish edible is big Sam’s favorite. Anchor the fishing boat, when kinds of fish pass by, Sam will not hesitate to shoot his spike to fork the fish, and then pull them back to the boat. Retrieving the fish to exchange for money, it is important to keep the fish fresh and in good condition. Thus if you pull up out of water with poisonous fish, it will almost ruin the whole board of fish. Fisherman Sam is an action game available on, for totally free. Use direction keys to aim the harpoon, whenever you get 2 or more fish with 1 shot, you will immediately get bonus points! Press space bar to fire freezing bombs. By the way sharks will steal your fish, but worth a lot of money. Stay away from explosive and poisonous fish, or it will blow up all your fish in the water and shorten your achievement of your harvest. Good luck! Fisherman big Sam!
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