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When you are in the team offense KEY A to Dunk or Layup, KEY S can perform a Shoot Ball, Perimeter shot, KEY D to Pass Ball; while you are in the team to defense, KEY D to Switch Player. Use cursor keys to move player. Stealing the ball: Get your player to come in contact with the computer. Getting the Rebound: Press "A, S, D" simultaneously, and no, you can’t hold the keys yam lazy bum! Game Notes: Follow the cursor displayed on top to get away from your man. Once you are free, 3 options are given to you which are A, S or D. 3 point shots are given 2 points while 2 point shots are given 1 point. Press "A" constantly to make a Dunk!! This is a real basketball versus. Slamdunk is a Sport Game, available on
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