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In this game, groups of two superposed heads are slowly falling down and stack at the bottom of the image. There are 6 columns possible to arrange these pairs. One pair of heads is falling at a time, in the middle, and you can move it right or left using the right and left arrow keys to put it in the column you want. You can also exchange which one is up with the space bar. But take care! This is possible while the pair is going down only. As soon as it has landed, you can do nothing more and the next one is already arriving. Goal of the game is to arrange the pairs in such a way that you build up groups of 3 superposed heads being the same. In that case, the group disappears and gives free place for further falling heads. What helps is the icon right side of the main image, "next", showing the next group of 2 heads in advance. In that way, you can already prepare where you want to have it. Beside, if it is going too fast for you, you can at any time pause the game by pressing the "P" key. If you find it too slow, you can press the "down" key that makes the pair goes directly to bottom! Have fun.
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