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In 2316, violence takes a new turning in the Empire with the creation of a new named emission-reality “Ultimate Down”. The concept was simple: to use prisoners condemned to the death penalty for combat with death. There was one problem: it would die too quickly. They found a solution: formula Z. This formula was able to stimulate the brain for only one desire: that to kill. It was the perfect solution. Each killed prisoner was reanimated by this new “drug”. He could be killed on several occasions, without its adversary knowing that he was held again in front of the same person. This action game is a bit basic, the zombies come, and we eliminate them by using our weapons; the addition of items falling from the sky is not an innovator, so it remains an average game, graphics are not very varied, even if the idea to use stickman characters in XiaoXiao is original. Attention with the images of Game Over which are enough gore…
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