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Supreme Dart is a shooting game on in which you could experience to shoot with great precision. In the imaginary dart shooting ground, the target is swinging left and right all the time. You will start your game with 301 points. But you must make it clear that high score stands for loser. Because at the end of each shot, the score of the dart shot is subtracted from your score, and your goal is to reach exactly zero with 30 shots. The tool to witness your success is an imaginary dart shooter. Use your mouse to shoot by pressing on the red button located on top of the shooter. The longer you hold the button down before releasing, the more power there will be to shoot the dart, so the higher the dart will go. And your tool could be moved by moving your mouse. Pay attention to your time, and never be too early or late before releasing. What’s more, when you exceed the score needed to reach exactly zero, the turn is a “bust” and the score reverts back to it was before the turn. This is all you could have a try now, and you must be able to reach the goal!
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