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Vomit attack is a special shooting game on in which you don’t have any guns or bullets but you still have to shoot so as to save your respect. You’ve been up all night drinking and need a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, the damn animals in the trailer park just won’t shut the hell up. Now it’s up to you, use the 92 fluid ounces of malt liquor in your stomach to get the animals to shut the hell up. Hateful worm, snorty raccoon, and a tweeter bird which is keeping making noises are all your enemies where trees and grass are growing nicely. It is born to be a peaceful, quiet and beautiful space. However, at this moment, in front of you, raccoons and worms will jump at times to disturb and laugh at you; the noisy bird will fly over you once and once again. What they are despising is what you have to save. Use your mouse to guide your directions, and you could hurl by pressing the space bar. Forget mercy and do not waste any time any more. Hurry up! Be ready to show the animal bastards, make them think twice before respecting you. Fight for your sweet sleep!
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