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One Man’s Doomsday is a fighting game on in which there are three modes you could choose: easy, middle, and hard. Six levels are limited in all, and you have to go into the upper level after completing the lower level task. In the natural mountains, there are many difficulties and enemies in the way. It seems peaceful but fierce in fact. You must fight with the enemies, and avoid being beaten at the same time, or your life will disappear gradually. Contrarily medicine cabinet could extend your life. Use the arrow keys to move around, and the up arrow key to jump. On having a gun, shoot it with A, and throw it away with D. There are tanks in this game. Press D to get in the tank, and move it the same as pressing the arrow keys. Shoot the tank canon with A, and get out of the tank with D. The tank could be destroyed by your enemies’ force. And you could also roll with S, and pause with P. You are immune to enemy attacks while jumping and rolling. Keep that in mind. Hurry up to try, and see how far you can go!
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