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Cannon Commander is a shooting game on in which you can shoot with great cannons! In a quiet and beautiful night, stars are twinkling in the sky, the grass is dancing with the breeze, and the commander is in charge of the guarding task of your castle. However, kinds of evil things come to beat the commander, and mean to destroy your castle. The cannon can help you now. Use the left and right arrows to rotate the cannon, and the up and down arrows can increase and decrease the strength—a stronger shot will go further. Press the z key to fire (make sure Caps Lock is off). Be sure of your accuracy, or you will waste the bullets. You will lose the game once you fail to save the cannon commander 3 times, or your castle strength is reduced to 0. Press x to toggle BOUNCE mode (off by default). While BOUNCE mode is on, a cannonball will bounce when it hits the ground. To detonate a cannonball, press z again. While BOUNCE mode is off, a cannonball will explode immediately if it hits the ground. Come on! Aim the cannon and fire to destroy targets and defend the dreamy castle!
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