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Chili Time is an arcade game on in which you could be the No.1 Chili King. It doesn’t mean you are the king of chili, but it means all the chili will be afraid of you just because you are so brave to eat as much chili as you can at an incredible speed! This game is a competition mode. After clicking into the game, you could see two persons in front of two tables. The one named 1P with pink hat and green shirt stands for you, and COM stands for your rival, the one with light blue shirt and dark blue hat with a ‘N’ on it, There are one plate with chili in it on each table. They are red enough to bright the competition locale. After ready, use your mouse to click the button as quickly as possible. There are 6 pieces of chili in all, and the one which finishes all the chili first is the winner. Success and failure are so near for the first time. It’s so easy for you to click the mouse, but are you brave enough to challenge your taste and speed? Try how anti-spicy you could be at once!
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