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Circus Targets is a shooting game on in which you’ll visit the carnie for a pleasant trip! In front of you, there is a pretty shooting environment. Colorful bulbs are twinkling as if they are dancing with music. Six lovely teddy bears are hung at the top of the target field. Interesting posters are behind the shooting field, and you could see the picture of elephant and bear with kinds of lively attires. After clicking the gun, the game begins. There is a time limit of 60 seconds. During this period of time, you have to try your best to fire the targets. You could move your gun with mouse and clicking mouse could fire. All the targets are moving all the time. Some are along up and down, some are from left to right, some are swinging, and some go along curve. Their speed is rather fast. Watch out to fire the targets at proper time, and make sure to avoid shooting the lovely teddy bears, or you’ll lose the score. After the minute, you could see your score and the rank on the base of the score. Join this game to be the strongest man with your gun!
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