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Cronch is a shooting game on in which you will have a fierce fight in the hot vast desert on an unknown planet. Once upon a time, the excitement of the inhabitants on the planet seems walking on the broiling sand, but that is different now! You are one of the best fighters who gather here for a competition of glory. What you should do is to try your best to shoot your opponent and the extras. You should note that extras with different colors could cause different effects, some could strengthen your force, some could protect you for some time, and some could disturb the rival’s precision and so on. In addition, deflected shots will cause damage, so you have to watch out for your target before shooting. The victory can be decided on the win of two rounds. In the one player mode, you can rotate left or right by pressing the left or right arrow key, and move left or right by pressing full stop key and the left or right arrow key together. Your most important control is the fire, and the shift key stands for this. If you choose to play in the two players mode, the control of player 2 is different from the common control. Come no, we can go to the mystic planet for Cronch now!
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