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Take to Street is an action game. Background the city has been overrun by thugs. Law and order are breaking down, and citizens are afraid to leave their houses. No-one knows where the thugs are coming from, or how many there are. There is only one thing for it – you decide to get to the bottom of this, destroy the gang, and save the city. You put on your gloves and…take to the streets. Controls (combat, detailed) back kick A - this move will knock over anyone immediately behind you, doing medium damage in the process, ideal for buying yourself some time, combo type S-rapid attacks. Although it is not as powerful as an X type combo, you are unlikely to be countered. Decoder D –this attack costs got D a little health, but is extremely powerful. It’s hard to land, so time it carefully…dodges Z –duck around an attack. This needs split-second timing, but if you master this technique you will be very hard to defeat! Combo type X – this is the most powerful combo, but leaves you open to counter attacks…Taunt C – sometimes, you just got to lay the verbal smack down! If you do this whilst fighting enemies, you will be awarded bonus points!
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