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Bust a taxi is a classic game on about driving. On an outspread road, you need drive a taxi to meet 3000 points and reach the check-line during the limited time to advance to next stage. You are not the only driver, and you will meet many other vehicles on the road which is just like in the movie CARS. Pay attention to the condition of your taxi, and avoid too much crash between your vehicle and the ones in front of and behind you, because different degree crashes cause different degree damages till your taxi turns into rubble. What’s more, during the run, people and trash cans will come forth, and remember people are bad to you but the trash cans are your friends. Get ready to start? Use your up arrow key to run forward, and left or right arrow key could help your taxi move left or right. Time element being considered, speed skill is very important, maybe sometimes you need slow down the speed in order to maintain your taxi condition. Do not waste any time more, it’s time to enjoy your crazy journey now!
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