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Ball breaker is a skill game on in which you will control a puddle to save the ball as to annihilate the cumulated targets above. First, you have 5 chances in all, and a ball as a breaker will jump from the puddle. It will rebound constantly as long as it touches the targets, or the up, left and right limit or the puddle. If the puddle could not catch the ball to keep on rebounding, you will lose one life. In the process of hitting, kinds of extra tools will fall too, and you can catch them by your puddle. However, the tool standing for bombs will blast one of your lives, and the one for little puddle could cause difficulty for you to save the ball, so avoid them. Others can help you lengthen your puddle, make the ball bigger and bring you a weapon. In addition, after one life, the effects caused by the extra tools will disappear. In each round, targets shape are different. Here left and right arrows keys could make your puddle move freely, and you should watch out for your moving speed. Let’s see how many targets you could break by the little ball and how many lives you could save by your agile puddle.
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