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Ahsau No.1 is a skill game on in which you could accumulate the points by clicking the target at proper time. On a U-type ramp, a good skater boy is ready to do the skill skateboarding, but he needs you to help him do it better. In the right and down corner, there is a round tool which will run on the game starting, and this is one of your targets that you should click when the firelight comes forth, and after the right clicking, the skater boy’s power, height, and skills will be strengthened. With this perfect jump, the points will go higher and higher at a fast speed - this right click could get 1000 points. In addition, the other target is the skater boy himself. During the high speed sliding, you could get 100 points when you click him once. There is another point that the time is limited to 60 seconds, so you have to hurry up to keep on clicking. It is obvious that the mouse button is the only tool for you to finish this task. Fierce games get you the enthusiasm, but sometimes you need the easy relaxing game just like Ahsau No.1 which proves that you could be No.1 in another way. Come on to join us now!.
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