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Blasteroids is a shooting game on in which you could travel in the outer space at a high speed in the arcade and strategy modes. In the expansive outer space, thousands of could stones are flying at several kinds of speed. They are not the same size with different levels of destruction. You are in the shield, but crash with the dangerous flyers could damage your shield, and it is easier to lose the game when your shield disappears. So you have to hurry up to shoot them. In the process of shooting, you could collect the fuel which is a must to your movement and shooting. The left and right arrow keys could help you rotate left and right, the up and down keys could push you to move forward and back. Press the key ‘X’ to shoot at the cloud stones; at the beginning, you have three chances to bomb which could give you a big help, and the spacebar makes the effect. At last watch out for the rotating skills which could help you avoid the crash. Come on to enjoy the outer space journey and experience the exciting shooting and bombing game.
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