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Greedy Pinatas is a fighting game on in which a fight of vengeance begins. Pinatas have stolen the Juicy Fruit from your own birthday party, and it’s time to take back what’s yours, so start swatting away. In a colorful room with lots of balloons and presents, you start to revenge with the rung in your hand. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and you could get higher speed with quicker frequency of pressing. As you swat your way to the Boss Pinata, you will encounter his piñata friends – each tougher than the last! They just look kind but with evil heart. So just press the space bar to swing the bat to eliminate them. Some piñatas contain packs of new strappleberry and Grapermelon Juicy Fruit – eating three of them will boost your fruit power. When succeeding cutting the throat of the piñatas, you will see the Boss Pinata which is rather strong and feral, and this is your final fight for your own Juicy Fruit and your dignity. Be careful to protect yourself in the process of fighting, and over hurt will make you lose the life. In addition, watch out for the limited time. Now take your bat to swat away!
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