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Kumite is a fighting game on in which you will fight, making use of the Japanese classic sport--kumite. In front of a marvelous temple, you will meet your rival, with whom there is going to be a fierce fight. 10 stages are going to be carried on in all, which means you have to beat the annoying but strong opponent for 10 times. The damage degree is the standard to judge which one is the winner in each round, so try to attack him correctly and protect yourself at the same time. Your action directions are given as below: the up arrow means jump; the right arrow as the back kick effect, and the left arrow key stands for kick; at last, the down key is to punch, which could free your leg. If you want to walk forward or back, press the key A or S. You could move at your pleasure. There are some points important to beat your opponent quickly and easily. Pay attention to his action and guess what might be the next to make an action choice as soon as possible. Respect your emulant but beat him. Hope you can make it for only one time. Good luck!
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