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Slashing Pumpkin is a shooting game on in which you will shoot with a knife. Above a graveyard some place scary, there sits a hand, so old and weary, impaled upon a pipe of steel, the only pain that he could feel is when he moves both left and right as he does sit from day to night. That armored only with a knife, whose purpose is to take the life of every pumpkin that annoys him, as this is his only joy. Ululant crows circle nearby, as if they are ready to watch a scene of good fun. Under the dim moon, bolt keeps dancing in the dark sky with howling winds. All the things go with the following blooding shooting. Move the knife both left and right, mouse click will drop the knife. If a pumpkin you did hit, your score will go up a bit; if you miss the pumpkins fear, the knife will simply disappear. You know your time is running off when the small hand starts to mould; when it does turn red and sore, you will run out of time and see your final score. Do you want to be the King of the darkness? Have a try.
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