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Happy Rabbit is an arcade game on in which your job is to win more and more points by jumping and eating the proper vegetables and fruits. On a large grassplot, trees, flowers are growing healthily. Swinging with the breeze, the grass looks greener than usual. Clouds fly above once in a while, and bees drop on the flowers for their task. In this peaceful and happy space, a little rabbit comes along. You will help it catch the proper vegetable-carrots and fruit-grapes. Grapes get the normal points, and carrots could help the rabbit win the double points. Use your mouse to move the little animal, and mouse button could let it jump, and higher jump comes from longer pressing. When you leave the button, it will fall to catch the object, or maybe it could get the food when it’s in the process of jumping. However, except the carrots and grapes, mushrooms, which bring bad luck to lose points, fly above the rabbit too, so the rabbit has to avoid this “beautiful poison”. Now, pay attention to your timing and the delicious vegetables and fruits. Never make a mistake to kiss the mushroom. Help yourself to a great lunch!
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