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Polar Rescue is an adventure game on in which your mission is to rescue the Polar World. There is going to be a bird at the beginning, and it will take on the difficult task. In the ice and snow world, everything looks like unwonted callous. It seems that the bird could only depend on itself, but rescue the whole polar world. Fortunately there are 6 lives in all, so it has 6 chances to adventure at the special place. In the process of venture, on one hand you should help it avoid being killed by the dangerous animals, cold water, abominable attack and annoying sharp and fatal ice; on the other hand, you should guide it to collect the gold coins and eggs as many as possible. Following is about the function keys: the key ‘shift’ helps to ‘shoot’, the little fellow could jump when you press the spacebar, left and right arrow keys help it move left and right, and pressing the number key 2 could bring the little fellow weapons which can help it prevent some dangers, on the contrary key 1 stands for that it will drop the weapon. Let’s see how far your brave pet could go on and if it could conquer difficulties to rescue the polar world! Have a try now! .
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