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Snowboard Santa is a sport game on in which you should ski on the quiet, funny and beautiful mountain and destroy the pumpkins what are aggressive at the same time. Evil pumpkins, tired of being overshadowed by the festival Christmas period, have decided to take over Christmas time, intent on stealing all the children’s presents from Santa’s workshop. You must guide Santa down his snowy mountain, and knock out all the pumpkins, getting as many as you can. When you decide to start, the Santa will go down the mountain at a high speed. Never be reckless of the skiing trip situation. Lots of trees will be in the way. Avoid the crash with them as possible as you can. During the constant moving and dodging, you have to complete your task. Exterminate the awful pumpkins as many as you can. Moving mouse left and right could provide you a good direction, and the Santa will ski left and right; press the spacebar when it’s time to knock out the pumpkin. In this silvery season, on the silvery mount, what could we do then? Try to succeed in arriving at the finish line after helping the Santa handle the enemies!
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