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Cutie Quake is a shooting game on in which your task is to shoot anything that moves. In a world under the earth, you hide in the dark, four kinds of sprites from meekiwoo clan will appear and dance or bounce from one side to the other side from every direction. They may make use of kinds of appearances to laugh at you; they may bounce over-actively to make troubles to your shooting; they may even shoot at you! In the process, you have to take every chance to shoot them. Notice that one kind of the little things have weapons that can kill you, so never leave an opportunity for them to shoot at you, which means you have to take a quick action before them. The whole job needs your high speed. Head shot will get you 4 points, so try to shoot at their head; wing hit could add 1 point to your score board, and body shot equals 2 points. In the limited time, take the correct reations as possible as you can. At last, hit score and accuracy bonus make up of your final result. Hope you could purge enough of the meekimoo clan in the mystic world.
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