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Park Racing 2000 is a skill game on in which you could play against the computer or the opponent. To win the game you must jump over the kinds of obstacles such like fire, water, cactus, and the dog in one of these exciting vehicles made by customs: the slim shady turbotub, Aunt Sue’s trailer trans-am, and Tony’s hydroponic space saucer. They are funny and strange enough, with great power to accompany you to fulfill the competition. On a straight road, there are lots of obstacles mentioned before. No matter which vehicle you choose to drive in, you have to press Z key to jump when you encounter the barrier in the way. The one who completes in spanning the prescriptive number of fraises wins the game. There is a skill you could make use of. Never press Z key all the time, you must control the rhythm of jumping. When it’s the proper distance between you and the bar, press Z; if you always press the key, the vehicle you take on will keep on jumping without any cadence, so the impediments will work to baffle your smooth progress. Come on! Get on your special fellow, keep on running forward!
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