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Long Bow is a shooting game on in which you will show your good archery after choosing a character at first. In a huge desert, you stand there alone with a bow and some arrows. Suddenly lots of enemies come with weapons in hand. They walk near you from all directions. You have to shoot at them to protect yourself. Use the space bar to shoot, and the up or down arrow key could help you aim higher or lower. Another key point is that try to hit the trunk or the face of the enemies. Get the accuracy ready before every shot, you must keep in mind that you can only shoot another arrow after the last one puncturing the enemy or disappearing from your visual range. At first the foemen are few, but as time goes by, they are more and more, and advancing to you faster and faster. So it becomes more and more difficult for you to protect yourself. Pay attention to your health, when over-hit by them, you will lose your life. Now in the desolate clearing, be brave enough to prepare for your honor fight! Struggle in this jam and save yourself!
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