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VM’s Shootout is a sport game and the game, and this game instruction is from This is a football shootout game, and the point is to score as many goals as you can. Basically, this is how it works after you start the match: Step 1: Press and hold the left or right arrow keys to determine the direction of the shot. Then, press space bar key to raise the height of the shot. You will not see any visible pointers to measure where the ball will go, but with a little practice you will develop a sense for it. Step 2: Release space bar key, a triangle marker that was under the ball will start to change colors simulating the player approaching the ball. When it comes to the end, the ball will be kicked. You can still change the direction of the shot while the pointer is flashing. So, repeat steps 1 and 2, but just before the ball gets kicked – press the left or right arrow keys again and change the side of the goal that you wanted to hit. If you do it on time, not too early or late, goalkeeper may be confused and go on the wrong side. Just remember: change the direction of the shot in the last moment and you have a good chance to score. During the game, you can press shift to skip to the next shot. This way you can speed up the shooting
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