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Shooting is a shooting game on in which you will exercise your shooting skills. In a quiet morning, the sky looks grey, old trees are right there. They stand far away from you. Everything here makes you calm down. This is a great chance to practice shooting. In this a little depressive environment, you have 30 seconds in which to score as many as possible. After starting the game, the targets will appear here and there without place and time regulation. What’s more, they keep on revolving around the center point all the time, so you must catch the right time when they face to you point-blank, and fire in the center direction of the target as possible as you can. Grab the precious moments and never waste any time or bullet. Each round you only have 6 bullets, therefore you must reload by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner when it appears. After exceeding yourself once and again, you could exterminate the blue mood definitely. Now, try to be a dead shot in this special morning by your arduous exercises. Shine the sky and your feeling by your great accuracy again!
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