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Fire Storm is a classic game on in which you will have a try to protect your office building. The object of fire storm is to keep the office building from burning to the ground. You are an eFireFighter and you are armed with a hose. As the game plays, there stands a five-story building, which is tidy and nice formerly. People who work in it were in good mood everyday. In some degree there is a kind of deep reins between the architecture and people in it. But now the top four stories of the offices will start on fire. You must put out this fire before it destroys the top four floors. To put a fire out, just click on the floor, and the fire will go out (which will reset the time for all floors). Each time you save a floor you will receive 10 points. No way to lose, you are always a winner. All you have to do is to click the burning floors constantly and quickly as possible as you can. Save them back before they turn to a relic. Hurry up! Let’s see how many floors you could save now!
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