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The purpose of the game and defeat the opponents of carts times hit-hit and be the last player who is on track. The other carts beats-beats to be shocked to get the energy of them and win the powerups that give more power to the car. At the wheel of your car bumper, slam your opponent to the demolition Bumpercars Demolition, a car game delirious to discover on your portal game From a top view, you drive a car bumper and must demolish your two opponents by hitting. Since the page with the 4 models of shoes Hot Wheels, you can choose between 4 types of bumper cars, each with its characteristics. Use the arrow keys to drive your car: Up to accelerate, Down to brake and back, Left and Right to turn. Take the speed and find the right path to hit your opponent fast. Each car has an energy bar that indicates the condition of the car. When this bar reaches zero, the self-buffer is destroyed. Destroy your enemies while collecting the maximum bubble-bonus and be the last intact car on the track to win the game. Bonuses can increase your strength, your speed and your endurance.
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