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Red Apple Revenge is an arcade game on in which cute cakes, big birds, little worms and even disgusting shits will turn up. In a beautiful forest, trees are growing strongly and happily. It begins to rain on your standing there. The most peculiar point is the strange ‘rain’--it’s not the water, but kinds of good or bad things: delicious cakes with parachutes fall from the sky slowly, and awful shits with kinds of colors also drop at a high speed. In addition, some singing birds fly over you once in a while, and little worms will come forth here and there. In the game what you should do is to eat up cakes, kill the birds and knock over them, blast the worms and avoid the annoying shits. Remember you have 10 lives in all, and you will lose one once you are got by the shits. Your mouse movement could guide your directions to wait for your objects or stand aside off your adversaries. Mouse click makes effect when birds are at the proper place or the worms are not afraid of you and turn up. Now try to make a great result in this extraordinarily funny world.
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