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Your goal is to score as many points as you can before the time expires. If you score 20 points or more, you can continue to the next round. To shoot the ball, first find the green area on the Shot Meter. Press and hold the SPACE BAR on your keyboard. When the ball reaches the green area, release the space bar, you can move your character to a different spot on the court by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you make your shot, you get the ball right back for another shot. If you miss, you must go retrieve the ball before you can shoot again. Each position on the court has a different point value (as indicated on the left.) Higher point values shrink the green target area on the Shot Meter for more difficult shots. For each shot there is one Bonus Spot. Shooting from the flashing Bonus Spot results in double points! Watch the Streak indicator on the scoreboard. After making two shots in a row, every third made shot is a Money Ball. The ball on the Shot Meter will turn green. This ball is worth double points! Try to shoot a Money Ball from the Bonus Spot for a chance to score really big points! The game ends if you do not score at least 20 points in any round. The two bonus characters can only be used after they have been unlocked. Each player has different shooting styles, so pick the one that is your favorite. Unlock new players by clicking unlock on the main menu. Find the UPC code on the package of a 20oz 7 UP to unlock the second character, or a 2-liter or 12-pack of 7 UP to unlock the third character. Another example of the numbers you need to enter is shown here. There will be either eight or twelve digits.
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