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This game is the skill game on of the game : Pixel monsters is a turn based battle game where the player must first design a monster which they will then use to battle against a series of computer controlled bosses. Using a combination of trumps like game play and a state gical rpg battle system. The player must defeat their opponent in order to raise their stats and proceed to the next round.After each round, the player must decide if they want to continue to the next challenge and risk losing their hi-score, or save their hi-score on the online scoreboard and show the world that they have the most powerful monster. Drawing screen: The drawing screen is where you design your monster. Here’s how you do it. The pencil tool will automatic be selected when you enter the drawing screen. To use it simply click on a grid cell that you want to fill. If you make a mistake, when use the pencil tool. You can correct it using the eraser tool. To activate the eraser tool, simply click on the eraser icon in the tools panel and then click on the grid cell that you want to clear.If you decide you want to start you monster again, simply click the clear screen icon in the tools panel.Be sure to name your monster before you continue. Battle screen: This is where the action happens. The battle system in pixel monsters is quite simply although it may not seem so at first.Step 1: The first stage of the battle is to decide which order the monsters are going to attack in. this is done using a trumps like feature. You will see a list with s stats and a number next to each of them. These are your stats for this round (note that stats do not effective the actual battle). The player automatic gets to choose the stat for the first round. After round one the winner of the last round will get to choose. Once a stat has been chosen, the winner will be announced. The winner will get to attack first followed by the looser. Step 2: Once the order of play has been decided, a round of attacking will begin. You will see a new menu now. This one contains the different attacks and abilities that you monster has. The numbers beside the attacks show how much mp (magic points) the move will cost. The second bar down at the bottom of the screen shows how much mp you have. The following list explains the moves. Attack – perform a basic attack. Defend – put up a shield that will defend you from the next attack (requires defense) Heal – restores a certain amount of HP. Special – performs an attack that may do double damage. But may only do 1 damage. Power up – increases your attack power for the next turn. Once you have chosen your move, the moves will be carried out. If nobody has lost after each player has taken their move. Then we go to the next round (back to step 1) a new set of stats is used for each round. If you defeat the boss then you score will be calculated and you have a choice. Either the next boss or submit you score to the score board and quit. Note that you cannot submit you score if you lose. If you choose to continue, you hpmpattackdefense and special will be increased. Good luck, try and develop a strategy that can beat all the bosses.
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