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Ball Punch is a skill game on in which you will control a fist fixed at a spring to exterminate the balls at the other side and save the bouncing ball not to be out of the limit at the same time. First, you have 3 chances in all, and a ball as a breaker will jump from your fist. It will rebound constantly as long as it touches the other balls, or the up, down and right limit or your red mauley. If your fist could not catch the ball to keep on rebounding, you will lose one life. In the process of hitting, your mauley will change due to the last ball you touch. There are four color balls: yellow, green, blue and red ones. Meeting red balls will maintain your small red duke condition, but blue ones could change your mauley bigger, and it will become easier to catch the bouncing ball; green balls do not make effect, and yellow ones could change your fist into a outstretched palm which is better for your to continue the game. Within 60 seconds, you have to exterminate all the balls at the other side, or you will lose. If you fail to prevent the jumping ball being out of the limit for 3 times, which equals to the failure too, the game is over. Use the mouse movement to control the fist, here we go!
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