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The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing Dodge Brawlers facing you by getting them “out”. This may be done by hitting each player three times with the red rubber ball. Click and drag you Dodge Brawler around the bottom half of the dorm lounge to line up a throw or to get them out of the way of incoming fire. Hold down you left mouse button to power up a throw, then release the button to let loose a devastating shot! It takes a few moments for a player to reload. So keep them moving. Use you spacebar to activate your team’s shields to deflect shots. But watch your energy meter once it’s empty, your shields are history. Cans of 180 Energy Drink will randomly shoot out of the drink machine? Grab one and slam it back to kick off crazy power ups, like replenishing your power meter or speeding up reload time. Eliminate the opponents to advance to the next round and meet tougher teams!
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