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Trop Ca Rend Sourd is an arcade game on in which you could be the dancing queen or dancing king. There are some people standing out of a ballroom. When you choose one person to go in, he or she begins his or her dancing PK trip. In the ballroom, it’s very hot, exciting with loud and energetic music. In the limited time, you should choose the right man to dance with you. There is a point, if you choose a boy to come in, probably the right dancing partner should be a girl; similarly if a girl has been chosen to join the ball, her partner is likely to be a boy. First use your mouse button to choose, and then the mouse is used to guide the hero or heroine. When you go near one, watch out for his/her reaction-if he or she does not offer the hand, it means you choose the wrong one. You have to go on to look for the right one. After you succeed PKing one, a new dancer would join in. What’s more, make sure to avoid being attacked by the note which could consume your power in the process. Come on to enjoy the dancing competition right away!
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