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Happy Land is a skill game on in which you will punch the sad faces to protect the happy land. In the screen, 5 kinds of faces including a clown, a woman, and three men with different hair styles appear and keep on moving, the score of one of which is different from the others when you hit the right one. During the movement process, every face will change from the sad appearance to the happy one, and will turn back at a moment. The speed of the varieties is rather high, which may cause your mistake when you try to catch the sorrow described by one face. So you have to keep your mind on every sad opportunity for your score board. When you make one mistake, the punishment is to subtract the double score which is rather a disaster for you. Use your mouse button to hit the annoying woeful phiz as soon as possible. Now join the happy knight army to protect this land, and let those tearful mugs out of here at once! Remember never stumble or the great efforts you’ve made maybe cannot work. Come on!
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