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UFOs is a skill game on in which you have a struggle with the UFOs by your smart vision and quick skill. Similarly in a mystic and sere place, you have to be ready to “welcome” the UFOs from other planets. However this time they are not our friends. When the UFOs fly across you have to shoot it as fast as you can. You have 5 lives first, but you will lose one as long as you let one UFO pass safely. Every time they occur, you have to aim at them and destroy them. In addition, the bullets you have are limited to 50. Once you shoot, one bullet is used and can not be used again, and there will be 30 UFOs in all, so concentration is a must, avoiding the waste of shots. You can see 3 icons on top of the screen. The first one tells you how many UFOs there are still left, the second icon stands for the number of left bullets, and the last one tells you how many lives you still have. All you have to do is to use you mouse click to complete the destruction mission! Join the protection plan now!
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