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Zolder is a shooting game on in which you could experience an exciting shooting trip. In a pokey, somber and terrible room, boxes are stacked here and there, and kinds of cabinets with different lamps are standing there in disorder. Suddenly all sorts of things will appear and even move in front of you. The beautiful rabbits with coke, cowardly dogs, ugly fantoms with or without caps, dirty bats, horrific big spiders, fearful human skeletons, and ferocious fire dragons will turn up at intervals. You have 30 bullets and a period of time, and your task is to shoot the targets mentioned above except the rabbits and the dogs. You will get 3 points on shooting one target and lose 6 points when you make a mistake to catch the innocent little animals. When the time runs out, the bullets left are useless, so hurry up to emit the force you have. After you dispend all the tools without time left, the score is your final result. Do you have the interest to try to be the shooting king in this small room? All the dire scenes are just paper tigers! Don’t hesitate to make it!
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