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Torpedo Joe is a shooting game on in which you could fire with fish torpedoes. On a peaceful offing which breeze passes through, some happy fishes are singing and swimming across this district. But your job is to shoot them. There are two kinds of big fishes near you and will turn up at intervals. The ones with white color could bring you more points. Similarly the dolphins far away in white could give you a good point. Generally shooting the fishes far away is effective to you. In addition, mermaids and male mermaids maybe come forth once in a while, and you will get a big surprise as long as you shoot them. Although it’s very infrequent that you see them, fortunately they are very near to you when they appear. Do not bloat to shoot fiercely. Sometimes ships pass by, and you can never destroy them. You will lose the game once you carelessly hit the ships. The most special point for Torpedo Joe is that there is a while between your fire and the torpedo’s arriving at the target, so be careful of the course. Now fire your weapons and hit the right aims.
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